• CatchMyWorld: what is it about / what we stand for / why are we different from other social websites?

    CatchMyWorld is a LIVE social entertainment media platform. Our vision is to bring people together all over the World around passions they want to share with other like minded individuals. Our platform allows sharing LIVE the most exciting moments of your life when they occur: your world viewed by the World! CatchMyWorld gives you the opportunity to meet people beyond your boundaries: "Friends Without Borders".

    We developed CatchMyWorld to create a LIVE Connected Social Network where users are the epicenter of a global 'giving' community. Contrary to other social media platforms that always try to monetize each of their users for their own financial end benefits, CatchMyWorld.com is directly linked with CatchMyWorld.org which is a specific platform for non-profit organizations. CatchMyWorld gives a sense to the word "social" by having each of its users earning virtual money they can then distribute to non-profit organizations featured on CatchMyWorld.org.
  • CatchMyWorld : who are our users?

    CatchMyWorld is Your World! You will share Your World anytime, anywhere, LIVE with people who have similar passions, excitements, interests in 8 categories: 'Travel', 'Outdoors', 'Action Sport', 'Wellness', 'Music', 'Fashion', 'Events', 'Technology'. Each user can share LIVE stream videos, videos on demand, pictures, instant comments and more using any devices: Desktop, Laptop, Mobile phone, Tablet.
  • Is CatchMyWorld available on all platforms and devices (mobile phones and tablets)?

    We have developed CatchMyWorld's website in order to fit and suit all screen sizes from Desktop, Laptop to Mobile phone, Tablet on any internet browsers and operating systems. It means that -anywhere you are, anywhere you go- you will be connected with CatchMyWorld. Moreover, yes we have an App where 90% of the media functionalities are directly accessible through our responsive website www.catchmyworld.com - you still need to download the App to access cool functionalities such as broadcasting LIVE videos or capture short videos from your mobile devices
    An advantage of our responsive website is that you do not have to update our App to get the last upgrades - all updates are in our end and available to you instantaneously.
    We are committed to use the latest web technologies to give you the best experience - always!
  • Is there an App for CatchMyWorld? Why is the App free? Why should I download the App?

    Oh yes we have an App: it is free and always will be! Downloading the App gives you access to key functionalities such as LIVE streaming (Catch'Me) video, Video and Video sharing (GeoCatch), Picture and Picture sharing to other devices like Desktop, Laptop, Mobile phone or Tablet, plus accessing our responsive website www.catchmyworld.com directly through a simple click.
    Our App is now compatible for iOS 5.1, 6.0 on iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and above; iPad 2 and above.
    Same App is coming soon on Android and Windows Phone.
  • What are "Catch'Me" / "Catch'It"?

    You have the possibility to announce your LIVE to the World 14 days in advance. Announcing in advance will increase your visibility to potential viewers and increase your audience. With a maximum audience of people watching your Catch'Me, you are sure to meet new people anywhere on the planet earth (and maybe other planets) that share your passions and excitement!
  • What is "CatchFriends"?

    CatchFriends are your Friends on CatchMyWorld's network. To become a CatchFriend, users on CatchMyWorld need to send you a request which you, in turn, have to accept.
  • What is "Wow'It"?

    On CatchMyWorld website, you can share a lot of media contents with your CatchFriends: LIVE Streaming videos, Videos on Demand, Pictures, News, and much more. You can "Wow'It" as a mark of appreciation. When you "Wow'It", your CatchFriends will immediately be informed.
  • What are "Catcher" / "ProCatch"?

    ProCatch means that you are interested in a specific Pro and you want to catch this Pro - Catching the Pro will give you access to the latest news of the Pro, the Exclusivities of the Pro, the LIVE Broadcasting events organized by the Pro, special Discounts, and more.
    You become a 'Catcher' of the given Pro.
    At CatchMyWorld, we have developed sophisticated tools that 1. Respect your Privacy and 2. Allow a Pro to only communicate to you relevant information that fits your interests.
    That is why filling your ProCatch Interests on your profile is important so we can help the Pros identify the products, information and discounts you are only interested in.
    All your ProCatch are summarized in "CatchMyWorld/ProCatch".
  • What is "CatchPlan"?

    A CatchPlan is like your calendar of LIVE events you have planned to stream and broadcast (Catch'Me) or watch (Catch'It). It allows you to plan in advance the contents you are interested in streaming or viewing.
  • What is "CatchFunds"? How earning and using some "CatchFunds"?

    CatchFunds are equivalent to points with money value: CatchFunds are CatchMyWorld's virtual money. This money is currency which is directly linked with the real currency of the country where you are located. So, if you are in the United States, your CatchFunds are translated in $ in our back-end.
    The CatchFunds show how active you are on the catchmyworld.com site. We have established an algorithm to award your participation to the CatchMyWorld community: activity (viewing, commenting, Wow'it videos, etc.), quality of the media contents you broadcast and share, etc.; all are awarded with CatchFunds. Those CatchFunds are yours!
    Because we care about the World around us, we want to give back. CatchMyWorld.org is the non-profit branch of CatchMyWorld. The .org site showcases non-profit organizations in different categories. Every financial contribution is important to non-profit organizations in order to serve people in needs or crucial causes.
    Therefore, do not worry about the real monetary value of the CatchFunds The more CatchFunds you have, the more money.
    However, on December 31st of each year, you will need to have all your 'CatchFunds' you have accumulated during a year distributed to charities of your choice on www.catchmyworld.org
  • Is there an App for CatchMyWorld? Why is the App free? Why should I download the App?

    Yes, there is an App available on iPhone and iPad, and soon on Android and Windows Phone. This App is free and always will be! With the App, you can connect with CatchMyWorld anywhere, anytime. Downloading the App will give you access to all the necessary functionalities - LIVE video/audio broadcasting, GeoCatch by taking a short Video, Picture posting, Access to catchmyworld.com to view your Catch'Me and Catch'It list, your planned event calendar, your CatchBoard, your ProCatch news, the news of your CatchFriends and ProCatch, etc.- in one click. We have optimized our site using responsive design to give you the best user experience: our site is completely integrated with our App by responding to your device's characteristics.
  • Why do I need to download CatchMyWorld's App?

    Donwloading the App gives you access to the core functionalities such as picture and video capture, LIVE video/audio streaming and recording plus sharing those media contents with CatchMyWorld's community directly from your mobile device - anywhere you are, anytime!
    Plus, with the App, you also have access to CatchMyWorld's responsive website at your fingertip.
  • Do I need to download the App to watch a LIVE video stream on my mobile phone or tablet?

    No. We have built our App and our site using the newest web and mobile technologies. Our goal is to give the user the most of CatchMyWorld without having to download multiple Apps. Therefore, you can watch a LIVE streaming on any mobile (phone and tablet) devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows) directly via catchmyworld.com.
  • Does CatchMyWorld's website fit every mobile device (phone and tablet) screen?

    CatchMyWorld's site has been developed using responsive design techniques. The site has been optimized to fit any screen sizes. Therefore, when you surf CatchMyWorld's website from your Desktop, Laptop, Phone or Tablet in portrait or landscape modes, you will always have access to the site with the best user interface given your device. Moreover, 90% of all our functionalities are directly integrated into the website which allows us to implement new cool functionalities without asking you to download anything else in order to access the latest updates of the site/App.
  • Can I stream a LIVE video to CatchMyWorld's website with an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet?

    Yes. We have an App available to download for free on the Apple market: available for iPhone and iPad. The same App is coming soon for Android, Blackberry and Windows phones and associated tablets.
    With the App, you are able to Stream LIVE anytime, in a simple click, to any devices, platforms and operating systems. It means that with the App, you carry CatchMyWorld everywhere with you to capture LIVE moment anytime and share it with the World!
  • Is there an App available for iPhone and iPad ?

    Yes, we have an App on the Apple Market: CatchMyWorld.
    The App is available on iPhone 4/4S/5, iPad 2/3/4, and iPad Mini on iOS 5, 5.1, 6.
    CatchMyWorld's App is free and always will be.
  • Is there an App for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry?

    We are currently working on it and CatchMyWorld's App should be available to you on all those mobile platforms very soon! Because CatchMyWorld's websites (www.catchmyworld.com, www.catchmyworld.org) have been developed using responsive design techniques, you can still navigate CatchMyWorld and have a max of fun by using your mobile device: access www.catchmyworld.com on your device - all the pages will automatically fit your device for your best user experience.
  • Is CatchMyWorld's App free?

    Yes and always will be!
  • Can I record and save parts of my LIVE video while streaming to CatchMyWorld's webiste?

    Yes. We have developed this unique functionality to give you the option, not only to Stream LIVE from your Desktop, Laptop or Mobile devices and share it with the World but also to keep memory of this unique LIVE experience by recording the moments you want. It means that anytime during your LIVE broadcast, you are able to start and stop recording while keeping streaming LIVE to the World! By recording parts of your LIVE, you will be able to view those saved moments directly on your account as they will be recorded and saved as videos-on-demand.
    If you have created a Catch'Me, then all users that have Catch'It your LIVE Stream will have access to the recorded parts of your LIVE directly on their profile - so you are sure your saved LIVE media contents will be available to your audience! More your audience is aware of the cool stuffs you like streaming, more people will Catch'It your Catch'Me as your popularity increases!
  • How can I log out from the App?

    Double-click on the iPhone or iPad Home button to display recently used apps. The apps appear, then touch any of the icons displayed and hold on one of them until you get a delete sign on top of each recent used app icons. You can swipe right or left to find CatchMyWorld's App, and then click on the delete sign on top of CatchMyWorld's App icon.
  • Why am I asked to allow the access to my GeoLocation information when logging in?

    Your privacy is very important to us. CatchMyWorld uses GeoLocation coordinates to help your CatchFriends or users of CatchMyWorld to locate your Catch'Me, GeoCatch or other tagged media contents. It also allows us to provide you, in real-time, with relevant contents or information in accordance with the areas where you are located at any given moment.
  • What is a "Catch'Me"?

    You want to plan a LIVE that you are going to stream in the next days? Then, create a Catch'Me. The Catch'Me will present to your potential viewers what your future stream is about (its description, location, time to occur). If CatchMyWorld's users are interesting in watching your Stream, they will "Catch'It". Once they have Catch'It your LIVE, they will automatically be notified of the date/time of your LIVE and will have access to your recorded LIVE directly on their profile.
    You can plan your Catch'Me to a maximum of 14 days in advance which insures you with a maximum of visibility on the site for a maximum audience.
  • How can I search and watch LIVE broadcast videos and "Catch'Me"?

    You access all those media via the top Menu on each page of the site. Filters have been built to help you search media with the most relevance! We developed CatchMyWorld to optimize content search and this, whatever the device you are using to navigate.
  • How can I publish a LIVE video to CatchMyWorld using the website or the App?

    Several options:
    - You use a Desktop/Laptop :
    1. Go to your profile, Menu and "CatchWorld/Catch'Me" icon
    2. Top Menu, click on "LIVE Stream" and create a Catch'Me.
    You will be able to plan a future LIVE or directly stream to the World.

    - You use an iPhone or iPad :
    You need to download our App on the Apple Store. When downloaded then Log In and click on 'Go To live Stream'. Then, you access a form that allows you to enter the information for your LIVE (title, description, country where you are streaming, etc) or recognize one of the LIVE you have planned to stream.
    Then with a simple click on 'Go LIVE', you will stream to the World using your mobile device.
  • Can I record and save moments of my LIVE video while streaming to CatchMyWorld's webiste?

    Absolutely! We understand that the experiene you are streaming can be precious so we gave you the option to recording when streaming LIVE, and that, whatever the device you are using (Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop). At any instant, you can start and stop recording while you are still streaming. When you stop streaming, you recorded moments are automatically uploaded to your accounts. You can then enjoy watching what you streamed directly on your profile and sharing your recorded LIVE videos with the users of CatchMyWorld.

    Did you create a "Catch'Me" before streaming LIVE? If yes, then all users that have "Catch'It" your "Catch'Me" will automatically find your recorded LIVE on their profile pages - Menu "CatchMyWorld / "Catch'It" icon.
    Plus, when you record moments during your LIVE, you increase the number of contents you generate so your visibility within CatchMyWorld's community increases and you generate more CatchFunds to give back to non-profit organizations present on catchmyworld.org
  • How is "Catch'It" related to "Catch'Me"? Why should I "Catch'It" a "Catch'Me"?

    Creating a Catch'Me allows you to plan a LIVE and automatically inform CatchMyWorld's community about your future LIVE broadcast! All users interested in watching your LIVE will Catch'It your Catch'Me and be averted when you are streaming your LIVE. If you record moments of your LIVE, your recordings will be automatically added to the section "Catch'Me" of your profile if you are the streamer, or the section "Catch'It" if you are a user that has Catch'It a LIVE.
  • Is there a way to remind me when my "Catch'It" is on air?

    As soon as your Catch'It is on air, you will automatically receive a notification to your email address to remind you about the streaming.
    Open the email CatchMyWorld sent you and click on the link to directly access the LIVE broadcast.
  • Does the planned date of a "Catch'Me" dynamically adapt to each time zone?

    Yes. Because CatchMyWorld's users are spread all over the World, time zones are dynamically managed. It means that dates/hours of any Catch'Me is translated into the time zone of each user. You are therefore able to manage the LIVE video you want to follow in accordance with your own time zone.
  • What is a "GeoCatch"?

    GeoCatch is the best way to share short videos (1 min max) with the World on something great to see or do!
  • How can I search "GeoCatch"?

    Simply go to your profile Menu "CatchWorld/GeoCatch" icon and click on "Search GeoCatch". Filters are available to make your search quicker and more relevant with what you want to see around or near you: that is why updating your GeoLocation is important.
  • How can I create a "GeoCatch"?

    - You use a Desktop/Laptop
    Go to your profile, Menu "CatchWorld/GeoCatch" icon to create and post your Geolocalized video

    - You use the iPhone/iPad
    Download the App on the Apple Store, Log In and click on "Go To GeoCatch". This is a great way to take a video with your mobile device and share it instantaneously with CatchMyWorld's community. Automatically, all your CatchFriends will be notified you just uploaded a GeoCatch video.
  • Why are the Pros interested in CatchMyWorld's platform?

    First and foremost, we highly respect our user privacy. When developing CatchMyWorld, we had one focus: making advertising more relevant and more user-focused than any other social platforms today. If you visited other social platforms, you probably experienced picture or video ads that were thrown at you without any consideration of your own interests, needs or what you really want to see. CatchMyWorld developed a user-oriented social eCommerce framework that Pros on our site follow.
    The win-win is that 1. Users are targeted by Pros only if they want to be and with respect to their personal interests and 2. Pros are closer to the users that want to be informed about their products by knowing their profile characteristics so 3. Pros can target each user more accurately, which increases the chance of future purchases by CatchMyWorld's users that may also be their current or future consumers/customers.
  • How can I become a "Catcher" of a Pro and be aware of the Pro's news, sale events, etc.?

    The best way to be informed in real time of a Pro's news is to become a "Catcher" of this Pro: How? Access the Home Profile of the Pro you like and click on the button "Catch'It". By clicking on "Catch'It", you become a Catcher of the Pro and you can now access to all information, products, special sales, videos or LIVE streamed events of this Pro right here on catchmyworld.com
  • Why should I fill my "ProCatch" Interests on my profile when I have "Catch'It" a Pro?

    Each Pro follows the same profile framework. We have built this framework to serve our users with the most interactive eCommerce approach so CatchMyWorld is completely user-oriented for advertising. We want the Pros to ONLY deliver what is relevant to you. When you fill information concerning your ProCatch interests on your Home profile, you define what you are interested in regarding products, apparels and others. Specific filters have been developed: when you visit one of your ProCatch, the pages you see are completely customized to match your own interests: it means that only products, apparels, etc. that suit you the best will be showcased on each of your ProCatch's pages. Your ProCatch will then add and show you products (in the section "E-Shop") that only match your interests. In order to add to the interactive experience, you will be automatically notified when one of your ProCatch add a product that may interest you on their page.
  • What is "catchmyworld.org" compared to "catchmyworld.com"?

    We built CatchMyWorld with a focus on being truly social. It means that we did not only want to develop a platform that is novel, unique, fun to use but we also recognize that our users drive traffic and help to CatchMyWorld's success. Because giving back to the community is crucial to us, we decided to fully integrate a branch to catchmyworld.com with the non-profit site www.catchmyworld.org.

    CatchMyWorld.org gathers numerous Non-Profit organizations that are our partners. We designed a specific framework that allows each partner to manage its own pages and post pictures, videos, news, LIVE stream their events, and more in order to raise awareness about the causes they support.

    Because CatchMyWorld wants to reach beyond people's borders and is open to the World, it is our corporate culture to be socially responsible to help build a more sustainable World. Each user of CatchMyWorld earns CatchFunds through their activity on our .com site. Those CatchFunds are CatchMyWorld's virtual money that has to be totally distributed to non-profit partners on our .org site by the end of each year. Our users manage their own CatchFunds over the year and decide to which organizations of their choice they want to attribute their CatchFunds. CatchFunds attribution is the only decision of our users and can be done anytime by a simple click on "Make a Donation".
    You can learn more about our non-profit partners by visiting www.catchmyworld.org.
  • Who are the Non-Profit Partners?

    Non-profit partners are not-for-profit organizations that want to make an impact to the World. Those organizations are located all over the World with scopes of actions in the fields of:
    - Health
    - Humanities
    - Childhood
    - Education
    - Peace
    - Environment
    - Wildlife
    - Art & Culture
  • What is the mission statement behind the association with Non-Profit Partners?

    Giving back to our community is a strong element of what CatchMyWorld stands for. We believe that the World is a better place when people are united and driven by helping and giving to others.
  • Why do Non-Profit organizations be interested in being part of "catchmyworld.org" and the overall CatchMyWorld community?

    CatchMyWorld is a community without borders, and completely opens to the World. CatchMyWorld gathers users from all over the planet with wide range of interests. Each individual has his/her own story and may have personal bounds with causes that are close to his/her heart. Because one of the non-profit organization's goals is to raise awareness about the causes they defend, accessing to a broad public is crucial. CatchMyWorld.org is the only social platform that has been developed to also serve the non-profit community, and completely integrated within our large LIVE social entertainment platform: CatchMyWorld.com. Not only our partners benefit from our specifically developed non-profit frameworks but they can also use all the cool interactive functionalities we have developed for the .com site; so they can really reach out to a maximum audience.
  • What is "CatchBoard"?

    CatchBoard is like your information board: it is the first page you see when you log in your account. It gathers a list of GeoCatch close to you, your planned Catch'Me and Catch'It, news of your CatchFriends and ProCatch, number of CatchFunds, your profile interests, etc.
  • Is my profile public?

    None of the user profile is open outside CatchMyWorld's community. It means that internet search browsers cannot access your profile. Only the members/users of CatchMyWorld can see a limited version of your profile and have to send you a CatchFriend request (that you can accept or deny) to access your full profile.
    None of the Pros in your ProCatch can see your full profile: they will ALWAYS access the limited version of your profile.
  • How do I reset my password if I forgot it?

    Simply go to 'CatchMyWorld.com/Home page' and click on 'Forgot password?' top right corner below 'LOGIN'. We will send you a message to your email address with a link to reset your password.
  • How do I delete my account?

    Simply connect to your account by logging in and go to 'My profile/Profile Settings' to delete your account.
    Do not do it however, we will miss you!
  • How do I report inappropriate contents?

    Below each media (pictures, videos) and comments, we have added a "Moderate" button. Please use this button to flag content in violation of our Terms of Service or seems otherwise inappropriate.
    Clicking on "Moderate" button is not to be used for reporting copyrighted material or your own feeling. Please review the DMCA Guidelines for the proper procedure for these cases.
    Only the copyright holder can report the violation.
  • How do I report a bug with CatchMyWorld?

    Contact us :
  • How do I get additional help?

    May you have questions not mentioned: please send us an email to .
    We will give you an answer promptly!