Our LIVE entertainment platform: CatchMyWorld.com

CatchMyWorld is a social LIVE entertainment platform with a strong focus on user experience. Our users enjoy our platform because they can show their world to others and interact with people LIVE. Using any devices (Desktop, Laptop, Phone, Tablet), our users can stream LIVE anytime to the World.

CatchMyWorld's users also enjoy our platform because they know that we respect their Privacy. It means that contrary to most of the social platforms, our users cannot be targeted by Pros but if they want to be.

CatchMyWorld has 8 main categories or channels:
'Travel', 'Outdoors', 'Action Sport', 'Wellness', 'Music', 'Fashion', 'Events', 'Technology'.

CatchMyWorld.com for the Pros: understanding the needs of our users

Each category appeals to specific audience and user habits. It is an opportunity for any Pros to know what our users like to wear, do; where they travel; how they share moments with friends; how they play; etc.

We developed a specific section for the Pros. Each Pro can follow our framework and customize their profile page with posting news, comments, pictures, videos and streaming their events LIVE directly via mobile LIVE broadcasting with an iPhone, iPad or Android Phone/Tablet. Users can see each Pro's page and become "Friend" with any given Pros on our site - becoming Friend with a Pro is called 'ProCatch'.

When a user has ProCatch your Pro, then you can access to his profile. Your relationship with the users and potential consumers/customers then become much richer as you can present specific products that appeal to them directly; users can send you feedback or recommendations on new styles you released; etc. The experience for the users and the Pros is multiplied: it is a win-win interaction between the Pros and our users.

Pros for CatchMyWorld.com: LIVE e-Commerce

We understand Web 3.0 and the specificities of eCommerce for a large variety of product or service categories. Contrary to other media platforms that propose nothing else but having your products or services advertised on their site without any direct integration with their platform, CatchMyWorld goes way beyond by offering to Pros specific customized tools that respond to their needs of improving their commerce.

CatchMyWorld has developed (and will always continue) the best LIVE entertainment e-Commerce platform to help Pros:
1. Increase their product awareness to a large audience, 2. Attract new customers, 3. Interact LIVE with current and new customers, 4. Understand customer needs and trends, 5. Be closer to their customers by accessing to their world and 6. Customize messaging and product placement to exactly respond to customer's needs.

When partnering with CatchMyWorld, Pros benefit from a unique exposure to the World.

We welcome you to being part of the LIVE Social Network: CatchMyWorld!

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