Our Story:

An amazing ride to building the most exciting social LIVE entertainment platform on the planet: CatchMyWorld!

We love having fun and being active in the World.
We love traveling, meeting new people and culture; climbing rocks, hiking mountains; diving the ocean, surfing, windsurfing; playing awesome rock music or mixing energetic vibes; and so many more exciting funs.
There is such a cross-interaction between those activities: all over our discussions with friends and people we met during our travels, we noticed the same pattern: if you like traveling, then you like facing new cultures, and you understand why giving back to the community is impactful; you are adventurous and you also enjoy going outdoors and the excitement of action sports like mountain biking, skydiving, wake boarding, surfing and more.
Around those core passions -'Traveling', 'Outdoors', 'Action Sports'- people often connect with 'Music'.

We looked around us and did not see any social platforms that bring people all over the World together to share similar passions and connect in real-time in a truly social LIVE entertainment platform.
We decided to fill the gap and creating functionalities that will allow users to share their world with the World in real-time!

Connecting People:


The only way for us to succeed in bringing people together in real-time around sharing their passions was to, not only allowing them sharing media contents like videos and pictures, but giving them access to a versatile LIVE Streaming platform so they can stream their life -their world- LIVE from any devices to any devices anywhere they are and at anytime.
We developed an App (available on iPhone and Android) that allows anyone to stream & broadcast LIVE contents, share videos, share pictures and navigate CatchMyWorld's platform to access many LIVE videos and more, not only on Desktop or Laptop, but directly on mobile phone or tablet.

CatchMyWorld's contents focus around 8 categories:
'Travel', 'Outdoors', 'Action Sport', 'Wellness', 'Music', 'Fashion', 'Events', 'Technology'.

With CatchMyWorld, you can share LIVE with your family, friends and people all around the World: your travels; your hiking trips; your skiing sessions; your rock, pop, R&B concert or DJ mix; your working out session or yoga time; your birthday, graduation, wedding; play modeling or comment on new fashion; and share tips about new cool technologies.

The Community:

Giving Back

Contrary to other social platforms, we understand that CatchMyWorld's success is linked with each user participation to our social LIVE entertainment platform.
Giving back to the community is essential to us, and we have created CatchMyWorld.org to connect non-profit organizations with our users.
Non-profit organizations need support to fulfill their mission: that is why each user activity (when streaming LIVE contents, posting pictures and videos, etc.) on CatchMyWorld.com is awarded by virtual money that has to be distributed to any non-profit organizations of their choice featured in CatchMyWorld.org: virtual money then becomes $$$$!
We are the only social entertainment platform that is truly SOCIAL.

We welcome you to being part of the LIVE Social Network: CatchMyWorld!

The Founders